North Carolina Legislators have a sworn constitutional duty to provide an education for our children.  I define our responsibilities are as follows:


We shall provide a quality education for all North Carolina children which will enable them on graduation from high school to enter the work force or continue their education as the choose, and thereby achieve a life of dignity and success however they define it.

I believe in school choice which means allowing parents to send their children to the school that best fits their children’s needs. Parents have the most interest in the success of their children and should have the most input into the education of their children.


Charter schools are public schools not operated by a Local Educational Authorities.  They do receive some state funding but are not funded to the same level as LEA schools. They have flexibility in how they operate and will often offer a better educational outcome for some students who are not well served by the LEA operated public school.  

The opportunity scholarship program grants low income families a portion of the money the state would allocate for their children for public school to be used for tuition at a private school.  In most cases the private schools have private scholarship funds or will waive part of the tuition. Combined with the Opportunity Scholarship funds, these schools are now open to families that have previously been denied access.



I have also worked hard to improve the public-school systems in Mecklenburg County and North Carolina. Infact, overall funding for Public Schools has increased every year I have served in the NC House.  

We have accomplished the following to help every student be successful in the North Carolina public school system:

North Carolina House also passed pay raises for principals, assistant principals and other state employees who work in education administration in 2017.

We gave the largest pay increase to teachers in the country. 

We raised teacher’s salaries and brought the average teacher salary to $54,459.90.

In 2016, the state legislature created the NC Promise Program gives families a lower tuition option in three areas — the northeastern, southeastern and western regions of the state.

North Carolina Democrats ignored our hard-working public teachers and froze their salaries. The North Carolina Republican controlled legislature has provided pay increases annually and have the 4th fastest increase in teacher pay since 2014.

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